What To Visit?


Among the attractions that the city offers to tourists is possible to mention the following:

San Martín Avenue:
– Vergara Quay (between 10 and 12 North), with a craft fair next to it
– Restaurants and bars sector (between 1 North and 6 North)
– Restaurants with different specialties
– Bars in Plaza Casino
– Municipal Casino of Viña del Mar (Enjoy)

Jorge Montt Avenue (continued from San Martín Avenue)
– Sport Beach
– Canyon Beach (in front of the Naval War Academy)
– Sundial (at the height of 18 North)

Libertad Avenue
– Coffee shops and restaurants along this one
– Carrasco’s Palace (between 3 and 4 North)

Valparaíso Avenue
– Various galleries and shops, as well as craft fairs, pharmacies and banks
– Vergara park, Municipal Theater (in restoration) and Plaza Sucre
– Bus Terminal
– Bars and pubs (at the height of von Schroeder)

La Marina Avenue
– Wulff Castle
– Flower clock

-Quinta Vergara and Vergara’s palace
-Peru Avenue and beaches
-Tours in Victoria in 1 North (in front of the casino)
-Sporting Club Viña del Mar
-Sausalito Lagoon and Stadium
-Varied cafes and bars along 5 Norte Street 
(between Libertad Ave. and San Martín Ave.)

-Botanical Garden
-Varied cafes and restaurants along 8 North Streete
-Fonck Museum (4 North, between Av. Libertad and 1 Oriente)
-Mall and Boulevard Marina Arauco (14 North)
-Rioja Palace (in Quillota street, between 3 North and 4 North)
-Cerro Castillo and Cerro Recreo (old neighborhoods and viewpoints)
-Lourdes Virgin grotto (in Agua Santa with San José)
-Reñaca (beaches and bars)
-Concón (restaurants)